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Looking for Online Bookkeeping Work,,,,,,

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Dear All,

I thought I wuld take the opportunity to use the forum

Currently looking for part-time online bookkeeping work (Employment) as I will be living abroad but wishing to find some work to support myself. Currently I have access to Sage one and would be flexible with whichever system that maybe used. I have good working knowledge of bookkeeping with experience in the following:
Entering Sales and purchase invoices
Bank Reconciliation
Online filing of VAT returns.
Bookkeeping up to Trial balance
Management of Petty Cash
Cashbooks & Credit Control
Good working knowledge of Sage & Quickbooks
Access to Sage One (Online)
Good working knowledge of Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Outlook
I would describe myself as a hardworking, reliable and trustworthy individual who enjoys bookkeeping work. If anyone would liketo know more just let me know
Look forward to hearing from anyone who can offer advice or maybe work... :D

Thanks for reading



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Hi johnathon,

did you manage to get some online book-kkeeping work?

Kind regards

Paula Welsh 

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HI Paula

Many thanks for your reply. No I have sent CVs around the county looking for online work but to no avail at the moment.

Best regards :D


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Hi Jonathan,
If you are not getting any client interest, perhaps it will be worth you stepping back for a moment, and examining how you are presenting your service when a potential lead reads your CV or advertising. Your knowledge, qualifications and character are only a part of the equation - that's you, and looks very good. But what are you offering them ?
For example, are you really proposing to provide credit control and petty cash management remotely from abroad, in a different time zone ?  Also are you telling customers that your service is to "support yourself" ?

There may be mixed messages picked up by a lead, albeit unintentionally on your part. If you have a sole trader friend or relative, run your advertising past them for a candid critique.

Hope this gives you some food for thought.
Good luck !

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