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Exemptions to other professional accounting qualifications, CIMA, ACCA, ICAEW?

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Does anyone know if being a memmer of ICB gives any exemptions onto other accountancy courses?

For example If I am a fully qualified Bookkeeper with ICB and I then want to further my practice to chartered level will my ICB help towards this goal or does the level of work stop at drafting accounts?


Any information is much appreciated. Laughing

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I've had a look on the CIMA website - it doesn't look like you would get any exemptions with them, although you can apply if you think you should have some.  It's been quite a few years since I qualified with CIMA and the syllabus has changed several times since then, but I would think that you could only get exemption from some of the first level.

ICAEW doesn't seem to offer exemptions for ICB, and the ACCA website was giving me problems!

I think ACCA and CIMA offer exemption from the first level if you hold the AAT qualification - I had a look to see if the ICB qualifications would give you exemptions from any of the AAT modules, but can't see anything!  I've gone onto their livechat thingy and asked the question......

seems to be giving the advisor something to think about......

This is the answer!

Hi. The AAT is not able to give clarification of exemptions as it is not ourselves that teach you. The way to determine if you are eligible for exemptions is to 1. find a learning provider you wish to study with and have the discussion of what you have previously learned and they would then advise you which level suits your ability. 2. Take our skill check questionnaire and this will also assess your knowledge held and suggest a level to begin at.

Anyway...hope that helps


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