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AAT level 2 to ICB

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I would like to become an associate ICB bookkeeper. I am just completing me level 2 AAT accounting and I would like to know if AAT level 2 gives me any exemptions at this level. Also, are there any further ICB exams that I need to take before becoming an ICB associate. 

Thanks :)

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Verey well done on you Bookkeeping studies to date.


Best you contact the ICB fo get specific advice.


See also:


Kind regards





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I am like you and have completed AAT level 2 before doing ICB.



AAT level 2 is the equivilant to ICB level 1 in my personal opinion, so you would need to take Level 2 before achieving Affiliate, and level 3 before achieving associate.  


I think you can get exemption, so speak to ICB about it to check for sure.  Maybe helpful to take a look at the syllabus -


hope this helps



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