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how to get started with ICB studying after syllabus changes?

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I'm a first timer here :) sorry if I'm a bit haotic or not in the right place...

Hoping to register with ICB as a student and start studying (self study) but I do have some questions. 

As I understand your syllabus has changed just weeks back so I'm guessing I should be using the new one during my study? right?

After a little research I only found study materials/books that cover the old syllabus? Or Am I wrong and new ones are coming very soon?

If the new ones won't be seen in the very near future can I just use the your old books, revisions etc? basic bookkeeping 1 as B1, manual bookkeeping 2 as B2 and computersed bookkeeping 2 as B3??

THANK YOU in advance :)

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Hi there, I had just joined up to ask the exact same question but see no one has replied!

I contacted Kaplan Publishing yesterday to ask when the new study text is coming out and they said that the books on their website ARE the new syllabus. This has left me very confused as I thought there was no longer a "Level 1", yet it still appears there (

If you click on the individual books it also says "Valid for sitting: December 2013" - before the syllabus change.

I'm so confused! Can someone please enlighten us? Or recommend the best texts for Level II Manual self study?

Many thanks



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If you look in the shop under 2014 core syllabus you will see the two lv 2 books and a revision kit - these are for the new exams which came out a few months back. 

B1 and B2 are the manual papers, B3 the computerised paper.

Hope that helps :)

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Thank you Theresa, so helpful! The page they sent me wasn't linking to the eshop, I can see it now.

Thanks again! :)


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