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IAB v ICB - can i do one then the other

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So I am someone looking for a change in career, I did a little bit of manual booking and sage as part of a bigger business admin (level 2) course and really enjoyed it, the dream is to go into business for myself but would want to work for someone while I built up my client portfolio


guess my question is can I do the IAB course so that I can work for a company but then do the ICB course while working and building up my clients.





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Hi Kelly

Unsure why you feel you have to do the IAB to be able to work for a company.  Why not just do ICB but still work for a company for the experience, security etc.  You may find it hard though building up a portfolio if you are working fulltime though.

Good luck


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Hi Liz

Thanks for responding to my post, the reason that I was asking the question was because a certain online training website (not going to name names) told me that if you wanted to work for a company you HAD to do the IAB course and the ICB course was only in you wanted to be self employed, now obviously the end game for me is to be self employed but while I am building that up (cause it does not happen over night) and because I would still have bills to pay but also to put my new skills to practice I would be wanting to work part-time for a company.



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Hi Hoy1974,

Well what I did was to start with the iCB and then went to the Open University to do my degree, I am still studying with the Open university and shouls get my degree this year. It was an Open Degree so I could choose my own courses. I did the Professional Certificate in Accounting and with that and the ICB quals could go to IAB if I wanted.

I honestly don't know what is the dfference between ICb abd IAB but there is a destinct difference between ICB and The Open University because once you've done your accounting certificate you can do AAT and get exemptions!

Hope This helps


Kind regards


Paula Welsh

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Hi Kelly,

On reading your post it would appear that you have not been given the full details.

Our qualifications are accepted for both work in industry or in practice.

The ICB qualification is recognised by The Financial & Legal Skills Partnership and more can be read on our web site at

If you would like to call us on 0845 060 2345 then we would be more than happy to discuss this with you on a personal basis.



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