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Membership entrance paper part 1

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Hi All,


I am going to sit this paper but I am a bit confused. Is this paper alined to the new syllabus or the old one?

If it is alined to the new one, is there any new material to look at before sitting the exam?

Also, if any one has any mocks (new or old) , could you please send it to me, so I can assess the exam style.


Thanks Smile


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Hi Kev,


I was recommended to buy the Level 1 text book on the old syllabus as this would assist with the first paper in the revised syllabus.

The book is easy to follow (I have worked through it in 3 days) and am ready to take the first exam this weekend ie B1, and having already worked through the old syllabus on Level 2, B2 and B3 next week.


Hope this helps - good luck! If in doubt give ICB a call they've been very helpful for me. 



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