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Which Accounting body should I go with

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Dear All

I need some advice.  Many years ago I started to study with the ACCA doing my CAT.  After some life changing situations I lost interest in study but still worked in finance with the intention to get back on track.  I continued to pay my subs to the ACCA during this time but stoped last year as I was not ready to get back into study.  After being off work for the past few months I have thought about what I want to do with myself and one thing I want to do is to get back to my study as I have the time and am ready to get back on the horse so to speak.

I have lots of practice papers for the CAT but I would like to have a go at level one and two for the ICB to see which direction I want to go in and check what level I am at as I have been doing church accounts for 5 years.  I have already done two levels with the ACCA but would like make a commitment to an accounting body. 

So my question is has anyone got any level 1 and 2 test paper they can email me and what are your thoughts and services with ICB.  Any comment would be much appreciated as I would like to join and take a paper before christmas which will set me off on the right road for 2015.

Thank you very much for reading my request my email address is

King regards


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Good Morning


THe ICB syllabus is transition. I would have a look the below link and speak to a training provider for free advice.



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