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Early fifties, HND Accounting, Degree in Business Accounting

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Done 101 jobs at all levels, age is catching up with me. Been self-employed, looking at employment opportunities.
Can do accounts, is there work out there to work from home. What is a realistic entry level to ICB. Why do ICB. Many thanks.

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Hi John

Unless your qualifications where in the last two years I don't think you'll get in by exemption however as you have qualifications already in accounting you should be able to do home learning fairly quickly to get your ICB qualifications and Practice Licence. 

Yes there is work out there and a fair amount of it can be done from home ( I presume your happy to pick up the paprework from clients).  You do need to be prepared to get out and network as it will take a while to build your client base.

You ask why do ICB. There are similar professional bodies so it depends which you go for but I think having a professional body behind you is an advantage.

Good luck if you do decide to join us.




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Hi Liz

thank you for taking time to reply, never shy of finding work, just looking for something which I can continue doing at my stage of life. I have done bookkeeping, not interested in "accounting" qualification but I do enjoy figures and helping people so bookkeeping does appeal to me. ICB seems to be more dynamic than other bookkeeping qualifications, just do not want to invest money on a qualification which I will not use.

Kind regards


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Hi John,

I am in a similar position  and enrolled with ICB in October can honestly say that I am really enjoying homestudy with previous experience you will find it a breeze, hardest part for me was getting over the nerves of taking exams again. I am really glad that I enrolled.  This forum is very helpful and friendly and I am sure (and hopeful) that once I complete the exams there will be work out there to justify the cost of the training.

Good luck Smile with whatever you decide 

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Hi Mandy

many thanks for your reply, I am still keen on the idea, going to make my decision this weekend.

Kind regards


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