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Wage slip and bank statement

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I have been with a small employer in Birmingham for about 2 years and for the first 4 months my wage slip was perfect. Then in April 2013 the tax allowance change and I noticed that my wage slip was displaying the correct information but what was being paid into my bank was still at the old rate. It was showing I should of got £30 more than I was

getting. my paye is quite simple because I am salary based so it's the same amount each month. I mentioned this to my employer and any underpayment was going to be addressed. They have now altered my physical pay in line with wageslips except for some reason my wageslips is out by 28p some months and correct others...what implications does this have on tax. Because my wage slip doesn't match my statement are they still valid to show tax deductions have been made or are the void because they do not match? My p60 shows the correct gross pay and the tax and n.i is correct. It's just what's physically been paid to me seems to be out? I know they should match, what I am wondering is who is in the wrong?



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Your employer is legally responsible for ensuring your pay is correct. It shouldn't matter if the line on your bank account doesn't match your payslip as long as you have received the correct amount eventually. If you have received what is shown on your P60 then it should be fine.


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Hi what goes into your account should match what it says on your wage slip.  If it doesn't you need to find out why.  It is normal for a salary to sometimes be out by a few pence sometimes.




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Thanks for the replies, I have  checked my p60 and all the figures seem correct in terms of annual salary and tax deductions but if you take my gross yearly figure and minus the tax amount and national insurance amount it leaves a net yearly figure that is £188 more than I physically received. So I am owed this amount by my employer? What's this mean in terms of tax? Is my p60 proof the tax has been deducted from my wages even if the figures don't match? I am only interested in having evidence to prove tax deductions regardless of if I an owed money


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