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paye question

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Last April the personal tax allowance went up, my wageslips were updated but what was paid to me remained the same, so there is a slight difference between my payslip net pay and my actual net pay ( gross, tax and NI are correct as i am salary based and have same gross every month) 

Would my payslips be proof that tax has been deducted even though the net pay is different? i am looking to cover myself even though i am pretty sure the deductions have been passed on. i am aware they should match but because correct tax has been deducted i have kept the issue internal and its now corrected but im trying to cover myself for the last 12 months. its a small firm in birmingham so can be a struggle sometimes. 


Thanks for any advice. 




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Hi Simba,

When you say differenc between net pay and actual pay what do you mean? Are you not being paid what it says on your payslip?

Your tax code may of remained the same. Even though the personal allowances changes that doesn't mean everyones tax code changes also. The current standard tax code is 1060L - is this what is says on your payslip? If your company is using a payroll software then this would calculate the deductions automatically so should eliminate the error of it being wrong.

If you have under/overpaid tax then this should be able to be corrected via your pay.

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When the tax code changed, what's on my bank statement is less than my payslip net amount.  Payslips are outsourced from the people who pay me,  and because my pay doesnt flunucate month to month the net amount paid to me was overlooked. All the other figures are correct apart from net pay.


I am confident paye has been paid but am wondering if my Payslips would stand up as proof of tax deduction as the net pay figures don't match my bank statement  



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It sounds more like it has been an error in the bank transaction when they've been paying you, perhaps they haven't amended what you should of been getting?. I would check with the payroll department which figure is correct and then it can be amended accordingly and any monies owed to you can be paid. 


If the correct amount of tax has been deducted on your payslip then you shouldn't need to worry as your employer will then pay this to the HMRC. You can use this calculator to double check 

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What you said is correct,  the amount paid to me hasn't been amended even though the payslips are right, so I am being underpaid by £10/month compared to my Payslips net figure. 

So hmrc would still take these payslips as proof of tax deductions even though the figures are slightly out? For example if my employer was trying to say paye hadn't been deducted before the transaction? These are all just incase scenarios



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Yeah they would be proof, because of RTI your employer submits a report the the hmrc for each time you are paid so the HMRC will have the exact same figure that are on your payslip.


Your employer should back date the pay for the months where you were paid £10 less so the amount in the payroll and your payslips matches what you should of been paid to date.


Hopefully they get it all sorted and correct it for future :)

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Hi Simba


If I was being unpaid £10 a month i would not be very happy. i would take this up with the employer, he should pay the difference. Hope you sort it


Kind regards and very best wishes 



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Hi Simba

If the amount on payslip is the correct amount it sounds as if whoever does the payments (either internal or payroll bureau) has been paying incorrectly.  Probably has a direct debit set up.  You need to get it sorted with employer not HMRC.  The longer you leave it the harder it is to get it all back.





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