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Hi,  I have at last taken the plunge and enrolled with ICB and am looking to complete the bokkkeeping courses 1/2/3/4. 

I already have a ltd company that looks after my "Day Job" and it seems somehow wrong that I shouyld be paying an accountant to do the work when I am studying to be a book keeper and have a fair understanding of accounting though no formal qualifications!

I have got VT transaction + trial and am about to start inputting the data. There is last years to do which although are in MSOA I thought it would be good practice to reenter the data into VT and then there will be the interim from year end (End May 15) to present date for me to enter and reconcile.

Would anyone be interested in finalising the accounts  / working with me on this?  I also have access to MS office accounting 2009 PRo but discounted this as the product was no longer supported?


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