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Help - SAGE 50 licence has run out!!

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Due to a death in the family I took some time out from my distance learning level 2 course and now I've come to my computer to open up the Sage 50 installed from the disc my training provider sent me months ago, the licence has run out so I can't get into the package. It did ask me if I wanted to back up the data so I did.

The training provider would have to send me another disc for £75, should I see if I can find somewhere online to re-new the licence for the Sage 50 package I already have if possible?


Edited at 09 Sep 2015 08:09 AM GMT

Edited at 09 Sep 2015 08:09 AM GMT

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You could try and source a cheap copy of Sage Instant on ebay (I got a really good deal on Sage Instant 2014 and you can keep it!).



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Thanks for both your replies Sharon and Trevor. I don't get any special consideration due to bereavement so I need to find a cheaper version of Sage in order to take the final exam.

So far I haven't had any luck on EBay, there seem to be a lot of people after Sage 50 but after speaking directly to ICB they said it doesn't have to be the exact same software as the one sent by my training provider, it doesn't even need to be Sage as long as it has the same functions, but I will stick with Sage as I'm already familiar with it. I think I'll look for Sage Instant Accounts (like you suggested Trevor) and hope its not too different to Sage 50. Wish me luck!  Smile

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