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Help with examination

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Does anyone out there have mock papers for the Level 2 Exam with ICB

I am studying with Open College through their distance learning package.

It's great. But i need the practice.

A big thank you to anyone that can help.

I'll spread the love when it's your turn...

thanks hopefully

My email is



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As I have said posted many times on this forum, our assessments are copywrite and no one should be circulating anything, as it is against ICB rules and is clearly stated at the begining of each mock and live paper taken.

ICB has two online  mock papers for each assessment that you wish to take at this level. The cost of this is £10 each (or £5 if booked via your training provider) and gives a realistic practice for both the content and the time allowed. Candidates who take these papers do really well in the actual assessments and I would urge you to follow this route.

Hope this helps?


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Hi Jacquie,

i wasn't aware so thanks for pointing it out to me.


I will probably take you up on your suggestion...



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