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How to learn Payroll!

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I am a full member and took the informed decision that I would not add Payroll to my services as this was something I could readily outsource.

However, it is becoming apparent that potential clients out there want the 'comfort' of me having Payroll on my licensed services, even if I outsource to a Bureau at the end of the day.

So, time to start studying again! I am looking at doing either the Sage Instant Payroll (financially attractive!) or Sage 50 Payroll self study courses. Those of you that have been through this already, do these meet the ICB syllabus and which is the better to do of the two (ignoring the cost!)?

All advice appreciated! Also, as a Payroll novice, how much study time is this realistically going to take me - give or take...

Thanks fellow ICB-ers!

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I used free trial of moneysoft, dead easy to use. Tried mocks and passed within about 3 weeks of starting.

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