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Payroll software

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Good afternoon,

I am looking at purchasing / using payroll software for my upcoming business.  Looking online, the capabilities and costs seem to vary considerably.

I was wondering what do member use please?


Kind regards


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Hi Stuart,

For the last 10 years I have used Mamut Payroll (QTAC) and can honestly say I found them very helpful and 1st class support.

However, their software is very detailed and whilst this might suit an individual employer it is not necessary for running a payroll bureau.

So, this year I have changed to Brightpay - changed part way through tax year to accommodate clients for auto-enrolment as the function is included in the software.

To date I have found Brightpay to be very good and easy to use. Support is by phone or email and I have found that emails have a very quick response time.

Price is also excellent and is multi-company unlimited.


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Hi Stuart


For small businesses I use payroo ( - its free (for 10 employees or less and £3 per employee per year for more) and very comprehensive. Where a client is on Xero, I use the Xero payroll - it works fine.


Hope this helps.

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Hi Stuart

Being an ex user of QuickBooks Payroll (which I wouldn't recommend, despite loving QuickBooks) - I use Moneysoft Payroll Manager.

I find it very easy to use, very competitively priced with the unlimited payrolls package. The reports are nicely laid out, informative and easy to understand that even your clients can understand them.

The support telephone line has always answered within a few rings, and my queries have been sorted quickly and efficiently by the person that answers the phone - so I'd describe their support as exceptional.

The Auto Enrolment facilities appear to be comprehensive, along with the written support pages for this subject, though I haven't actually staged with my first one yet (only 2 months to go) so can't really state what this is like.

I have even put 3 of my clients onto the package that wanted to do their own payroll, but with me just overseeing them when they have problems, and all 3 love it and have said it's so much easier to work with and clearer than Basic Tools from HMRC - though I guess that isn't that hard to achieve!

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