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Re. Is there a time limit for passing the exams and becoming a member?

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I am a previous practicing associate member, a few years ago now so realise that i would have to start again.  However i'm not in too much of a rush as i am in the process of buying a retail shop and will be doing all my own bookeeping.  I have lots of experience already in doing my own books so am just doing some refersher reading at the moment as it has been a few years since i did the books for a retail shop.  


My wife will be working in the shop with me, i will mainily be doing accounts, buying and stock control and once again my mind has turned to setting up a little business on the side running a bookkeeping and accountancy service business which i could be build slowly over a period of 5 years or so and when it came to sell the shop and retire i contine running the bookkeeping business as a part-time income or even full-time as I will need some income to supplement my retirement.


I have a feeling however that the exams are only valid for two years but can not find the relevant information now, so is someone able to tell me how long i would have to take level 2 and level 3 and then how long i would have to apply for a practicing certificate, i am assuming once i have my practicing certificate and so long as i keep my fees upto date along with insurance etc. i would not have to re-take any exams in the future.





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