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Does anyone use Onedrive Cloud storage?

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I recently found out I have 1TB of data storage with One Drive - So I want to use this to back-up my PC files

(It will also allow me to access my files from the cloud where ever I am which is really good!)

BUT - I am not a Technical bod! and I dont understand how it works and how best to use it!

Firstly I have started "Uploading" all my files and folders to Onedrive from my PC in the current structure - So that the files appear exactly as they do in the PC - (taking hours!)

This I suppose is essentially a back-up of what is on my PC as of today - but how do I go forward from here?

One drive is supposed to "Sync" document changes so if I want to edit a file - do I open the PC file or the One drive file to edit it? Does it matter and just hope they sort themselves out?

Also if I save a NEW document - because I have asked One drive to "sync" will it save my new file in both locations? or do I have to save it in both locations? (PC and Onedrive)

Also if I have a sort out and delete files or change file structure? like move folders and file locations around on the PC will onedrive update these changes? or do I have to do everything twice?

What is the most logical and easiest way to manage this?

If anyone has any suggestions I would be most greatful!!!


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Hi Tash,

I'm a big fan of using cloud storage, mainly because I can access my files anywhere on any device.

You can use cloud storage in 2 ways:


1. A backup of files on your PC

2. As your main file directory


I perfer to use option 2 as when I save a file I am working on, it updates on the cloud storage (as long as you have an internet connection) and is then available at any time.


I hope this makes sense.

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