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Membership though Exemptions

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Dev and I am new to this forum. Came across ICB through a google search on book-keeping memberships and practice licence.

My background is in accounts. I did a universty degree in Accountancy and graduated in 2010. This degree also gave me 9 exemptions to the 9 foundation levels papers in ACCA which i gained in June 2011. I am currently doing the professional levels and have completed 3 of the 5 required papers. Only 2 to go which I am hopeful to clear out by December this year. So by this time next year I should have hopefully acquired my full ACCA membership.

I am looking to start my own book-keeping practice along with my full time job. I am currently working as a Accountant in practice and have been in this role for just over a year. My previous roles included a breif 4 month stint as a tax assistant and 3 and bit years in a accounts assistant/book-keeping role for a private company.

I was reading on getting ICB membership and practice certificate initially for my practice and was slightly confused by the requirements for membership through exemptions. It seems to suggest I might be eligible through this method but I am not so sure. Would someone be able to help me on this? I can provide more information if you need me to.

I look forward to the response on here.



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Hi Dev 


Welcome to the forum.  Dev you are best to give ICB a ring in the morning and explain you are considering joining and would like to know more about exemptions.   It is very detailed question and not really a question that can be answered on the forum because of the various rules that can be quite complex 


Kind Regards Sarah 

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Hi Sarah,

apologies for the delay in reply.


many thanks for your advise. I shall give them a ring and hopefully get some ideals how to proceed.. Never realised how difficult this process would be hehe.



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