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What level of education would you say ICB is?

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I'm wondering what level each of the bookkeeping and the payroll managment diploma are equivelent to?


Would something like Level 2 = GCSE, Level 3 = A Level & Level 4 = Degree sound right?


What are your thought? or any links to actual comparisons would be grate.

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Hi Andy,

You are pretty much right - level 2 = GCSE, level 3 = A level, level 4 = first year of a degree


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What do you intend to achieve with the number of old posts you have resurrected in the last few days and your inconsistent posts? On 29 Nov you posted that you are a CPA who recommend software to your clients under the topic '12Pay & Auto Enrolment', and here you now want to know how you can enter in this 'cource'. Could you please leave this forum for the genuine members who use it for it's intended purpose - a forum for helpful tips and advice.

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