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Recommend agencies to gain experience as bookkeeper?

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I qualified as a bookkeeper last year, and having taken voluntary redundancy from RBS, I'm looking to start bookkeeping!

Can anyone recommend an agency to use to build experience? Any other suggestions?


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Hi Kimberly

The best thing I can suggest is either

 - Local Accountants - let them know you're looking for work and offer your services

 - Other Local Bookkeepers - offer to help them, perhaps offering your services free for a short time, to gain experience

 - Go to your local bookkeepers meeting if you have one, to meet other bookkeepers that may be grateful for your help.

 - jump in with both feet - start practising and go networking to gain some clients - you'll soon get experience then :-)

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Thanks very much for those suggestions, much appreciated!

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Thanks very much for those suggestions Carol, much appreciated!

Will give them a try!

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