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Was wondering if anyone has recently joined Quickbooks and taken the offer of 10 client accounts for £1.00?


Seems like a good offer.


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I was thinking about it but did not have any clients to use it yet. Most of my clients are either using it already or have made decision to use other software.

I think I remember reading that if any one or more of those suscriptions are ever cancelled, the whole deal is off and you no longer receive the quarterly rebate, which worried me a little. If this is true, I would think you would probably opt for keeping the subscription going.

Anyway, it was for these two reasons that I declined, but if I had just one client to start using it, I think I would have done it.





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Hi Both

I was at the Get Connected QBO event at Birmingham a couple of weeks ago and asked for clarification on this offer.

I can confirm that the payment of these subscriptions is 'wholesale', so you, as the ProAdvisor will be paying the £1 per client per month

Initially, you'll be paying £9.99 plus VAT per month, multiplied by 10 for the 10 files. Between now and end of March 2017 you are refunded quarterly in full, minus the £1 per file per month, but after March, you will only be actually charged the £10 plus VAT in total each month - there will be no need for reclaims, as QuickBooks are moving over to a different billing platform from then onwards.

The QBO files are not transferable - so if you put a client onto it, using one of the £1 files, if that client goes bust, or decides not to use QBO any more after a couple of years, you would just stop using it, but carry on paying the £1 per month.

You can bill your clients what you think is a fair price - so for example, you only need one client paying £15 per month for the package, and the other 9 of the 10 files are making you money :-) I guess what most of us will do is to pass some of this discount onto our client - at least for a while - and then we all win.

The offer is a no brainer if you're going to be using and / or promoting QBO to potential clients - providing you can afford to pay the upfront cost quarterly between now and the end of March next year.

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