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How long to do the payroll diploma?

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How long does it take to do the payroll diploma?  I bought the course in June but I've prioritised other things and left it to the last minute.  I'd rather just get it done now, than try and get an extension but I'm interested to know if that's possible - how long did it take you?


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Hi Christina 


How long is a piece of string we are all different. How long have you got left to do it. Study if have a go and if you don't pass then apply for an extention, very best of luck. It really depends how prepared you are when you take the exam. 


very best wishes 



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A member of my staff has just done the whole Training Link package in less than 2 months, and is about to sit the exam. I'd say this is pretty fast. I guess it could be done quicker - but you need to give your brain time to absorb the information as well.

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I took about 3 weeks. I used moneysoft dead easy to use.

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Thank you for your replies, they're very helpful.

I've been in touch with my training provider and been told I will have to extend - my fault for not keeping an eye on the time Embarassed

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