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Self Assessment for newly self-employed

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I have been trading now for four months and would like to offer self-assessment to clients.

I was learning through the AAT and passed level 2 and 3, and carried on the take level 4 2015-2016. I did a full year at level 4 however there were some exams I did not pass at a second attempt even though I thought I knew them relatively well! I had to stop in the end due to financial reasons, as I'm sure a lot of you are aware the AAT courses and exams are not cheap and my tutor at the time was not being very helpful.

That was a big knock to my confidence as I usually pass an exam and learn quickly and I now do not feel as if I can competently do a client's self-assessment. My issue now is where to turn next. Do I use a different kind of resource i.e. Osbourne Books around £11.50 each online or the ICB book at £75.00 and re-study and try for the ICB exam? As I have already spent £0000's on AAT I do not really want to go through a different training provider and spend the same money again!

I have been in contact with a local bookkeeping lady who has said she will go through a 'dummy' online submission with me which I'm hoping will help, but is there something else I should do too?

Any advice is gratefully recieved.

Kind regards,


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Hello Marie


I hope you are well. I am similar to you and come from an AAT background having completed mine in 2012. I wanted a refresher and decided to take up the ICB qualifications on a self study basis which I've found very beneficial. I passed my L3 in August and decided to do the SA 2015-16 using the same method and purchased the Osborne books (workbook and tutorial) for Personal and Business Taxation. They are very good and definately enough to pass the ICB exam. I got 99% on my mock and actual so it's definately doable with these texts.

Don't let past experiences knock your confidence, just buy the books, take your time and forget about everything else that's been before and concentrate on this exam. I bet you'll fly through it.


Good luck



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Hello Dean,

Thank you, that has made me feel better already!

99% is very impressive.

I used Osbourne for level 3 AAT and found them okay for that, but we used BPP for the level 4. I did buy Osbourne for the written aspect in level 4 however and it helped me then.

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