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Spreading the work

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This probably isn't the right section of the forum to post this query but I couldn't see anywhere else that it would 'fit'.


Once qualified etc I plan to work as a self employed bookkeeper working with sole traders and partnerships (including VAT work), also offering Self Assessment to individuals.


My query is this, how do you go about spreading the work throughout the year?  I ask as it seems that most people would want their books completed at the end of the period and that there may be a glut of work in that period. I do realise that VAT is quarterly but it may be that not all of my clients would be VAT registered. 


I'm just trying to work out how the income from doing this would be steady throughout the year.


Many thanks



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Hi Clarion,

By the time you qualify things will have changed in the accountancy business.

Familiarise yourself with Making Tax Digital (MTD) - yes HMRC have kept very quiet about this but I think the xxxx is about to hit the fan!

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Regarding the actual workload, you are right that there is potential to have too much work at certain times of the year. You can try to sell the benefits of a doing accounts regulary to provide more realtime information. But it wont suit some clients and sometimes you may have to be picky about which clients you take on in order to manage the workflow.

Regarding cashflow, offering bookkeeping services for a monthly fee could even up income throughout the year (and is more profitable if you get the level of billing correct). I personally have a mixture of fixed monthly billing and hourly billing and it works well for me.

Good luck,


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