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How long does SA paper actually take?

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I'm finally ready to take the SA paper, but I'm just wondering how long I shoud set aside to do it, can anybody advise me as to how long it took them? I see it must be completed within 48 hours of starting but I don't understand why we're given so long. 

Actually the 48 hours is really handy as I have a 6 week old baby, but I'm wondering whether I can dip in and out of the exam and get it done this week or whether I should wait until the weekend when my husband's home and can help out with the baby. 

Thanks, Zoe

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Hi Zoe,


I think it took me about 3 hours as I remember- but like you I would have had interruptions - not from  a 6 week old baby, but from 3 18year old cats!


You can dip in and out of it, but as I dont trust technology to crash on me I printed off the questions and handwrote them, then went back to answer them- if that makes sense? only 2 log ons then. this also gives you a chance to research the bits your not sure of. 


i did shred the questions after though- not that they're the same evertime but you cant be too careful.


Good luck



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