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Retired Bookkeeping looking for a kick start

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Hello, my name is Maurice, I have recently retired (following redundancy) after 45 years with the Metropolitan Police Civil Staff and outsourced contract. The last 10 years as a bookkeeper with Unisys using Oracle.  Apart from the training to obtain my ICB qualifications, I have no knowledge of Sage, Quickbooks or any or the other commonly used products and none of the prespective employers out seem to use Oracle. I want to carry on bookkeeping but I feel as if I'm in a cul-de-sac.

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Hello Maurice

I hope you are well.

Have you tried the Intuit training for QuickBooks? I use Oracle Financials in my employed work (have done for 10+ years) and believe if you can navigate around that system then anything else is a breeze. I always run a mock exam through new software as I can then see how the result compares to the known answer and also sets out a plan for my future workflow. Get a few trials on the go and have a play around to get a feel for what you like and don't. 


As an example lots love Xero whereas personally I prefer QuickBooks but until you give them a go then you'll not know.


Good luck


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