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Chaning Email Address in MyICB

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I've posted this topic here as it seems to be 'general enough'.

I'm just trying to update the email address for my account. As is the way of the world, I've changed my email address. Can I find how on earth you change it in the myICB account, NO!!

The ICB Help states that you should be able to change both the account password and the email address. I've changed the password, no problem. But there is NOWHERE is myICB that lists or allows me to change my email address.

If anyone can enlighten me, that would be great. I've emailed ICB, but no reply, and I'd like to get this sorted before my outgoing email is finally deleted.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Graham

I seem to remember having this problem last year too.  I think I rang up ICB in the end and they altered it for me.



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Hello Graham

I had to ring up ICB to have mine changed as I couldn't find any way of doing it online. The lady I spoke to at ICB was very surprised I was unable to do it online, so she checked herself and confirmed there was no such facility. She was going to look into it, but that was over a month ago. So quickest way is call ICB and it will be changed immediately.

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Thanks Jan and Harry(?). I did call ICB this morning and they confirmed that the inability to change the password online was a known glitch, which will be sorted at some stage. As you both said, the only option to amend the password at the moment is to call the ICB and get the to change it over the phone.

The fact that there is no email address displayed anywhere in the myICB section - and yet the account password is there and can be changed - makes me think that this issue could be as simple as including the missing email field from the SQL Database that lies behind all of the account data. I wouldn't have thought this was a big fix and should be easily amended by whoever maintains the ICB website / SQL database.

So much for the internet! It was good to use a phone. I even used pencil and paper today!


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I sent them an email and they changed mine a few days later. There isn't a way to do it online...

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