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Unpaid Work Experience

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Hi everyone,

My ICB student membership is paying off already and I've only been a member for a week!

I have been able to find a volunteer bookkeeping position for a local social group which will give me some valuable experience.

I've fully explained that I'm a student and they're very happy to have me training and working with them. Basically, nobody else within the social group wants to do bookkeeping and we're taliking about maybe two dozen transaactions a month but it means I'll be learning a great deal about social groups and how they're funded and I'm very excited.

Apart from sharing my exciting news, I thought it might be a good suggestion for anyone else, who, like me, doesn't have a great deal of bookkeeping experience and is able to do voluntary work even for a couple of hours a week.

Sory for rambling on. Laughing

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Well done on achieving this.

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MM Bookkeeping said:

“Well done on achieving this.”

 Thank you very much.

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