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Advice please regarding qualifications

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Hello, I am a pregnant Maths Teacher.  I'm planning ahead to when my Maternity Leave finishes. Ideally I would like to teach two days and then be self-employed or Ltd as a Bookkeeper and work from home. I have a degree in Finance and Accounting - I graduated in 1999, I taught OCR AS and A Level Accounting up until approximately 5 years ago and was also an exam marker for Edexcel's Accounting A Level. 

I was just wanting some advice on which qualifications I would need to gain to go ahead with my I need any?  Am I best taking them just so I have brushed up on my knowledge and have a recent qualification to my name?  I don't have any knowledge of computerised accounts - it was all pen and paper methods.

Thanks for any help/advice you can give, Cathy

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Just wondering if a  icb recognise cpd ( continuing professional development) as a qualification to become a member with level 3 and 4 yhanks

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