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Considering becoming self-employed!

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I'm shortly due to become redundant. Since 1994 I have worked in finance as an accountant or finance manager in the following sectors: hospitality,  retail,  manufacturing and for the past 7yrs, not for profit.

I am considering using this opportunity to become self-employed,  but both my AAT and CIMA qualifications were gained many years ago and it looks as though I will have to take exams to become a certified bookkeeper. Is this correct and is it worthwhile? 

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Hi Angela

I'm not self employed yet but I am in a similar position to you, with my accountancy qualification gained in 1992 and a lot of public sector finance/management experience but now no job and a good few years till my pension. 

I'm currently a carer so can't commit to another job, but I started studying the ICB syllabus in January.  I thought about it for a few months, but eventually took the plunge and signed up for a "career package" with a distance-learning training provider.  My plan is to take this time to go back to basics and fully refresh my basic bookkeeping knowledge so that, if I do eventually decide to set up on my own, I will have access to an ICB practice licence and all the support that appears to be available from the ICB.  I'll also be confident that my skills are fully up-to-date.

I know it doesn't answer your question - I'll leave that to the people who are in a position to - but I thought it might help to know there are others out here treading a similar path! Smile

All the best with whatever you decide.Save


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Hi Angela

Having worked in finance all my life I had the chance for voluntary redundancy back in 2011.  Did my ICB exams using the Ideal Schools Career Path and set up on my own in 2012. 


Just be prepared to put the effort in to getting those clients by website, networking, advertising etc.  It took me a few years to get to where I am happy with the number of clients I have.   


Good luck.






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