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how much to charge????

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hi all

although i have been with the ICB for a good few years i have never subscribed to the forum.

also i have been charging an hourly rate for my services.

i wonder if there is anyone out there who could shed a bit of light as to the best way to charge as i dont think hourly is.

some clients are very small and i visit them quarterley and some i go to twice weekly


please help if you can


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I use a mixture of hourly billing and value-based pricing. Value-based pricing, whereby you bill for the value of the service you provide instead of the hours of work you do, seems to be sweeping through the industry at the moment and it has a lot of advantages.

There is a lot of information on the internet on the subject. If you search value pricing for accountants for example, you'll get a lot of links.

Happy reading,


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