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Anyone working as an online bookkeeper?

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Hi everyone

I am looking into becoming a bookkeeper with the ICB. However, I currently live overseas. I was wondering how feasible it would be to be a self employed bookkeeper working entirely online. Is anyone on the forum doing this? Is it possible to do or is it really necessary to go into clients' offices? Will being solely a virtual bookkeeper affect my chances of getting regular clients? Any help or advice would be appreciated.

many thanks

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Hi theres a website called people per hour that you could have a look at. I haven't used it myself but I have looked at it and people advertise for jobs they need done,  you send a proposal and they will let you know if they want you to do the work. Good luck ☺

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Hi - please be aware that offering digital services (and the service as outlined below could fall into that category) will trigger the requirement to charge VAT under the Reverse Charge rules and the requirement to register under VAT MOSS  which also means registering for VAT in your own country as well and compleing necessary VAT Returns. This applies in the UK even if your turnover is below the threshold for registering for VAT. If you live in another EU country then check the rules that apply there.

You should look at the following link:

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I am a bit confused.  I have looked at the link supplied but still confused.  Are you saying that if you provide an online service like Xero or similar and work from home that this applies?


I think it is saying that if the provision is to a business all is well and carry on but if providing a service to someone who is not a business, say to do their Self Assessment maybe (?) this may fall into this category.


Or have I got this completely wrong?



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Thanks for the replies. Jaquie I would be living outside of the EU and UK and mostly be working with American clients, would I still be liable for VAT?


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