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Hmrc agent registration

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Hi everyone 

I hope you don't mind me asking. It I was hoping to get something clarified.

I am just about to apply for and I will be concentrating on payroll processing and I just wanted to clarify something as I have read different things around hmrc authorisation.

I know I need  to register as an agent with hmrc I believe i can do this online. ( after receiving the practice licence) 

when getting authorised by a client I then request this by hmrc online services who will then be sent to the client, who in turn lets you know the code. Is this right? 

Do I still need to have a 64-8 & FBI 2 form completed as well? Also if I don't have a code can I still submit RTI submissions on behalf of the client? (I think I have read that I can, however I wont receive any of the updates).

i know this might sound like a simple question, but I thank you in advance.

Many thanks. Tony 



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Hello Tony

you will need to register as an agent through the government gateway

you will get an agent ID

an agent password

the 1st part agent code

then you register your client & a activation code will be sent to the clients address

they pass this to you to use to do tax as an agent

the other way would be to use there personal govenment gateway code & password & use the drop down box for (are you filling this in on behalf of someone else?)

or fill out & return the paper version

The 64-8 is needed

I hope this helps


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That's great Louise, thanks very much

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