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Level 2 and 3 books

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Hi guys,


I am currently studying the ICB  Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping and Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping & Accounts with E-Careers.  The Books are online and I find studying on the computer for long periods difficult.  I am looking to buy the books as hard copies so I can study on the go.  The course with E-Careers gives me one years access.  This worries me as I am concerned I may not complete the course on time and then have no access to the course material.  I also want to keep a set of books for reference as well.

Do you know where I may buy the books? I do not mind if they are new or second hand.  If not do you have the ISBN numbers for the books and the publish date so I can try and find them online.

Kind Regards,

Aysha Riaz

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Hello Aysha Riaz  Smile

You can find all the text book here on online. Just view the shop above and click under text books where you will find everything you need to pass your Level 2 and Level 3. Or you can also get them on Amazon. 

Just so you know, take it step by step. Breathe and focus on the first step only.  This way you will stop your mind from troubling you with stuff that is not even real.

All the very best with your endeavours.

I hope this was useful for you.

Take care

Best regards


Anne Marie Baker

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