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Nest pension and HMRC basic paye tool

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I have one employee who contributes to Nest. Which field do I enter the employee pension contributions into in the HMRC payroll software. If I enter it into "paid under net pay arrangement" it looks like the ee is receiving tax relief twice, once through the payroll software and through Nest. If I enter contributions in "paid not under net pay arrangements", as advised by Nest, it seems the payroll software doesn't deduct pension contributions from pay.

Any help appreciated.


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Hi Jackie,

The Basic PAYE Tools software isn't really fit for purpose when it come to automatic enrolment as it can easily go wrong. 

My suggestion, if you are able to, is to switch to a commercial software provider. Some would supply it for free for 1 employee and this would usually include the assessment, communications and submissions for you. 

Everyone will have a different opinion about the software to use.  HMRC have a list of the free ones at  




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Hi Jackie,

I would recommend you switch to Brightpay payroll software.

This is free for up to 3 employees and totally handles all Auto-enrolment for you.

Their support is also excellent.


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