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Accounting for Cashback - Help!

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I am going round in circles with a client of mine who runs a pub and insists her customers can have cashback, for the life of me i can't figure out how best to account for this! Does anyone have any experience or advice for the treatment of cashback - If you need me to provide more details about our current set up please let me know,


Between a four month old baby going through a sleep regression and trying to figure this out i am slowly losing my mind,


Many thanks for any help!



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How did you resolve this in the end? I'm not experienced but have just gained my practice licence. My hunch would be to put it through as a refund or a discount, but I'm not certain and would definitely follow this up with HMRC or the ICB to be sure. 


I hope you got it sorted. 


Best wishes, Naomi. 

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