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SATR Request

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A new client started her business in June 2016 and was running it alongside her day-job until Nov 2016, when she quit her job and went solely self-employed. She has been on the phone to HMRC today and they said the tax office haven't requested she complete a SATR and therefore she can't file one. 

I assumed she'd registered as self-employed because she was talking about her Unique Tax Reference Number, but in reterospect that could just be in relation to her Tax Credits.

Am I right in thinking that if she's been running a business and taking an income from that business since June 2016, she should be filling out a SATR for the tax year 16/17?

Sorry, as I write it, it sounds so obvious, but she is one of my first clients, so want to make sure I don't mess up!


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