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Is self study no longer an option?

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So it seems ICB has changed how they do exam booking and I now have to book all exams through Kaplan. Does that mean self study is no longer an option? Kaplan only offers courses for level II, III and IV certificates so does that mean if I want to do one of the optional ones like payroll I have to sign up with another training provider? I think it's a shame as one of the things I found appealing about ICB when I joined was the possibility of just ordering books and studying on my own should I decide to do so.

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Dear Skyler,

All ICB students studying with Kaplan must book their examinations directly with their Accredited Training Provider (ATP). At the end of last year Kaplan amended the way students booked their examinations to streamline the student journey. ICB were advised by Kaplan that all of their students had been notified of the change in examination bookings so we apologise if you were not made aware of this.

Kaplan currently only offers ICB core qualifications; therefore if a student wishes to sit these additional examinations they can purchase the textbooks from the ICB website or enrol with another ATP who does offer them.

Self-study remains an option for students who feel they have enough experience and who don’t require the support of an ATP, although ICB always recommends studying through an ATP to gain access to tutor support. All textbooks and mock papers are available via the online shop on the ICB website, regardless of the students’ method of study.  

I hope this has resolved this issue and please do not hesitate to be in touch if we can be of further assistance. 

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I have been self studying and wanted to take the exams so is that no longer an option i cant book an exam? 

im a bit shocked i didnt know so how do i book an exam?




 mrs ezam zaman

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You can still self-study and book your examinations via your 'MyICB'. It is only when a student is registered with a training provider that we ask them to book all examinations via their training provider and not directly with ICB.

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Hi Jacqui 


thankyou for your reply but when i went into my ICB I figured out you could but thankyou for your email and getting bk so prompt. I did my exams over three years ago and they needed to retake them really to gain my qualifications and be up to date




mrs Ezam Zaman

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