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soletrader expenses

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can anybody tell me, are training expenses an allowed expense for a soletrader?

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I found this which may be helpful

Deductions for the self-employed

HMRC views about training course for the self-employed is set out in Tax Bulletin 1G, which became Revenue Interpretation (RI) 1. It says: "Where attendance at a course is intended to give business proprietors new expertise, knowledge or skills which they lack, it brings into existence an intangible asset which is of enduring benefit to the business. We take the view that the expenditure is therefore of a capital nature, and deduction is prohibited by ICTA88/S74 (f) (now s.33 ITTOIA 2005).

"On the other hand, where attendance is merely to update expertise etc. which proprietors already possess, the expenditure is normally regarded as revenue expenditure and will be deductible if it satisfies the `wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the trade' test in ICTA88/S74 (a) (now s.34 ITTOIA 2005)."

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