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Hi all,

I am going round in circles trying to figure how to get my pension control balance.

My client is paying £100 to pension pot as a salary sacrifice so this gets deducted from his pay.

Then he goes on to pension provider website and matches this contribution paying another £100. So he will enter the £100 I show him from my payroll run (employer contribution - salary sacrifice) and then will add another £100 as employee constribution.

So from the bank £200 goes to pension provider, but on my payroll software only £100 is showing being the £100 salary sacrifice as employer pension contribution. 

So in the pension control I have:

DR Bank £200

Cr Employer pension £100


How do I balance the remiaing £100? Just to let everyone know I post gross wages as the amount after the salary sacrifice. that is correct right?


Any thoughts are welcome!


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