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Sage extra cover versus Sage 50c to replace Sage Instant Accounts

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Hi,  we currently use Sage Instant accounts v14 on a pc running xp.  The pc is in the throes of death so we are purchasing a new pc running Windows 10 which the version of Sage Instants is not compatible with.  As we don't want to swap to Quickbooks or Zero etc  Sage have offered their 2 alternatives - monthly subscription to Sage 50c Essentials or a one of payment to receive a link to Sage Extra Cover.   Does anyone have any experience of the Sage extra cover?   particularly interested in user interface changes to Instant accounts, how it works/compatibility with Windows 10 and restore function.  Any help appreciated.  Also,  it would appear Sage Instant accounts is still offered as a training package - is it still available? 

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