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Kashflow opening creditor/debtor help!

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Please could anyone who knows Kashflow help me please as I'm going round in circles! I've always used Sage and am getting increasingly frustrated with Kashflow.


I have entered opening debtor and creditor balances into Kashflow as per their instructions (create a suspense account, raise purchase/sales invoices for O/Bals and coded to suspense account)


How on earth do I get these opening balances, which are currently sat in suspense, into trade debtors/creditors as you cannot post directly to the debtor/creditor nominal code?


I have emailed twice, and just called Kashflow, but all they have said is I need to create a journal to the suspense account. But as you cannot select debtors/creditors in their journals what am I supposed to do? Their advise was to Cr suspense an Dr suspense (which I told them would do nothing) but they insisted was the correct method. I tried it and of course my figures haven't changed!


I currently have the net combined amount of opening debtors and creditors sat as an individual line in current assets on my balance sheet, but cannot see how I can journal to the correct account.


I must be missing something really obvious, so if anyone could point me in the right direction I would be extremely grateful


Many thanks


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