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Limited Company AML Checks

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Dear All

Could someone please be helpful and tell me what information/documents are required to be obtained from a Limited Company client in order to complete Anti Money laundering checks? I have spent the best part of 3 days researching all ICB's MLR documents, CCAB's and HMRC's documents on the subject and I'm no closer to finding an answer. 




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You need:


For the Company:

Copy of Certificate of Incorporation - then cross check this with Companies House.

Copy of VAT registration certificate if they are VAT registered.

For the owners of the company:

All Directors owning greater than 25% share capital of the company:

Name, Address, Passport Copy (you need to see original as well), copy of drivers license, a Document that shows their current address such as recent bank statement and/or Utility bill. These three should suffice.

If no one has more the 25% I tend to do at least 2 key directors (normally MD and Sec.).

That should give you most of the info to complete the MLR checks, document wise.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot Vip, this is very helpful.

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