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Have now completed all level 3 exams except BA7.  Currently working my way through revision notes in readiness to attempt the Traning Link mock and then the two ICB mocks.  Can anyone out there, who has sat and passed the BA7, offer any words of wisdom as to how to go about preparing for this exam?  I'm struggling with the amount of information and knowing how best to proceed to stand a chance of passing.


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Hi Pippa

I sat my BA7 exam in July and was really worried about remembering everything for the exam.  I study with Training Link as well and continually practiced the questions in the study books and on the paper mock without my notes to see what I could and couldn't remember. I then sat the Training Link and ICB mocks without any notes to hand and that gave me confidence for the exam.

One thing I found really helpful was to have the key information on small notecards which I practically carried everywhere with me and my husband continually tested me on.

Good luck for the exam


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