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Waiting times for resits

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Wanted to resist my BA5 exam, the page locked up near the end and the exam ended and submitted with a lot of answers not stored on the page. Now waiting 28 hours I could of had it  done this evening, very frustrating as I want to get it passed and done with, why does a resist take so long? 


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Almost 46 hours and BA5 exam still not available to resit, very frustrating wanted it out of the way this weekend. Any body else experience this length of time for a resit?


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Hi Des

I am pretty sure that the ICB only issue exams on each Thursday, so it may be a case of having to wait until this Thursday in order to get the resit through.

Good look in the resit, hope it doesnt lock up again. And good luck with the rest of your studies.

Im taking the BA6 when it is released to me on Thursday.

kind regrads



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Hi Gordon,

thanks form your reply. The exams normally appear after the twenty four hours, the BA6 is available as the BA5 and BA6 can be done in any order. I rang ICB today only to find out that because this is my 3rd attempt I now have to wait six months before I can resit the BA5. I only failed in my 2nd attempt getting 84%. I am self studying so I did a mock only to find it is nothing like the real exam but doing the real exam gave me an insight into the content. I will not be waiting for 6 months to resit, I am now going back to the AAT, six months is just out of the question.

You should double check that your BA6 is available, BA5 & BA6 both became available to me as soon as I passed the BA4.

All the best for the rest of your exams.

Kind regards,


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