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Sage 50 opening balances

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If someone could help me with sage I would be very grateful! 


The company has been using sage since Feb 17. Their year end is end of Jan.  We want to put in opening balances as we now have the final accounts back from the accountant. Ok so we put in opening supplier and customer balances and then clear them from suspense and control accounts. Put in bank balances and then trial balance?   

Do I ignore bank balances on trial balance as they have already been input?

Does sage automatically deal with year end? Ie  if on trial balance  there is a figure for postage ..that is not this year's figure it belongs to previous  financial year..does sage automatically  deal with it.


Sorry if these are very silly question. .I am getting my knickers in a twist! 




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Hi Elsie

If you are still in a tizz, you can call me on 01633413174 & I will talk you through it step by step. I use both Sage & Quickbooks Online



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