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level 4 Options

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Hi, I hope this is not a really stupid question ....


I currently have the level 3 qualification and would like to do the level 4, once I have this would I be abel to complete year end accounts and filing at Company House for Limited Companies or would they still need an accountant to finish off their year end and submissions?


Thank you!


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Hi Denise,

With level 4 advanced bookkeeping you are only allowed to draft final accounts but not eligible to sign it off (plus you won't study taxation and accounting/reposrting standards at level 4) so you do need to have an accountant or an ICB member who has done the FRS105 exam in case of micro company accounts or DFS + BTAX (Drafting Financial Statements and Business Tax modules) in case of small companies.

FRS105 has a pre-requisite of having level 4 advanced bookkeeping passed.

I hope this helps!

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