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BA4 Exam

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Through e-careers I requested to be booked on the mock exam after book 4. Book 4 covers manual entry of reconciliation and final accounts.

I am very upset because I have been booked on the live exam and not the mock exam as requested. Also the B4A exam has a computerised question worth 60 marks which is not covered in book 4! The computerised component is covered in book 5. How am I supposed to do the exam fully when the content covered isn’t all the content needed for the exam.

Trying to make the best of this situation I sat it in case I passed. The manual section I have managed to complete and feel quite confident in it as this is what I have studied. Then came the computerised section! I attempted it thinking the online book will cover the material on the exam. I followed it while trying to a task on correction of errors. The book doesn't even explain properly how to correct the different errors and clear the suspense account. The instructions are very vague and do not even match the task in the exam.

When doing tasks on Sage they need to show clearly how it is carried out. Another problem is the version they provided me for sage looks very different to the screenshots they have in the book. Feel realy fristrated at this as I like clear explanations and instructions.

I have spoke to ICB directly and they have said e-careers has not provided to correct course material for the exam by putting the B4A exam after book 4. That exam should be completed after book 5 which covers the computerised section.

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