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Directors' NI

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Hi everyone and Happy New Year!


Just wondering if someone with a Diploma in Payroll Management can help:

I'm looking at the Mock exam for 2016/17 and one of the directors - Christine - is paying NI as per standard employee. 

Apr salary is £917 and May salary is £705.45 + £211.55 untaken holiday.

EE Ni in Apr is £29.40 (happy about it) but in May she's got refunded NI £29.40.

She's leaving on 31st May. 

Can you please help me understand why is she entitled to a NI refund?


Thank you Smile


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Im also studying 2016/17 payroll i have no idea why she is to have a refund 

i was wondering can you help me with something it says in one of the exam questions to use online calculator to work out which month a director should start paying national insurance and also asks what will the employers NIC be in september. I can work it out manually but have no idea how to do it using 

HMRC online calculator do you have any idea.May be we can help each other.

My email address is

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Hey Lynn,

HMRC Calculator only gives you the total EEs and ERs contribution.

I remember I worked it out manually as well :-)

Good luck Cool

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