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Shoutout for New Glasgow Branch Leader required to take over Sarah Douglas retiring for a well earned rest.

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Hi All 

Not sure how to put that title. 

 After 7 years of Branch leader and 4 of Scottish regional leader of which I have made such good friends all over Scotland. 

 I have decided to step down.  I made the decision with a very heavy heart.  Unfortunately, I cannot give the time in the immediate future that the branch requires.  I have become a little overtired of late which I am sure some of you have noticed and I need a rest. 

 This year coming is a very important time for my sons' exams, so I hope you will forgive me. 

I look forward to seeing everyone at ICB Events.   However, Glasgow Branch needs a new branch leader and I would like for those interested to contact Agatha at ICB.   Going forward it would be great to have a committee like the other branches. As you will know I love ICB and the branch network but time for me to take a rest.  I still look forward to seeing every at the meetings but I look forward to being the learner. 

One thing I have learnt from the great experience is no matter how long or experienced you are there is so much to learn from others knowledge which I have learnt loads from all my members in Scotland and Glasgow. 

I do however have a great speaker on April 18 for R and D tax credits which will be held in Glasgow City Centre so I would love to see as many of you as I can.   Remember the 20th June 2018 the wonderful Aspire tour will come to Edinburgh so remember to keep the date free.  


Many thanks for all the great support over the years. 

Kind regards  Sarah 

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